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Eat the Frog!

Eat the Frog!

Have you ever started your day with a task which you kept on deferring for the next day? You probably have. Well, welcome to the club. Most of the us are appalling at time management and task management. Remember the saying a “Well begun is half done”.
It is extremely important for all of us in our Professional as well as Personal lives to tackle arduous tasks first so that the very thought of “work to do” doesn’t keep on lingering.
This blog is targeted towards the Business analysts/Product owners/Project Mangers/Agile participants as my examples are going to be very specific and can be applied in general also.
Who is the Frog for us in our everyday routine?
Replying to emails. Important mails only. But this should be the first thing in the morning. Getting a sign off on an important document

Setting up various meetings before time runs out

Remember last night’s call, customers gave an important requirement which was complex to understand but you were busy eating and checking y…