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Many people in the software industry have heard about Agile. It is ubiquitous and can't deny the fact that it is redefining the way of how software is developed.
But most of the people do not know what Agile is not. Software developers who have worked in AGILE have their own definitions. Rather, every company / organisation has their own definition for AGILE [which is good and bad at times].
Looking at the last two decades when the software industry had begun its maturity, there were few methodologies for developing softwares. These methodologies were based on Process and Principles. A lot of focus was given to documentation which led to excess and result in efforts as well as maintenance. In Agile focus is more on delivering smaller piece of software which requires very less documentation. This means AGILE is not an excuse to producing documentation. It can be in various forms such as user stories, Epics, meeting notes etc.
Software professionals often mistake Agile as a process dri…